South Wildlife Area of the Sepulveda Basin Status Update as of 3/3/3013

March 3, 2013 in Uncategorized by ann

When we started this action against the Corps 9 weeks ago we had 3 goals. The first goal was to convince them that there were significant problems with their Vegetation Management Plan (VMP). That has been accomplished.
The second goal was to obtain a halt to all physical activities related to this VMP. That has been accomplished.
The third was to move forward with the Corps, the regulatory agencies, and the legislative bodies, to attain recompense and satisfaction with our initial 7 recommendations. We have made significant progress on 2 of those: 1) developing a plan to restore the project area, and 2) making improvements in the Corps communication and public outreach functions.
All of our recommendations are now being considered and discussed by the the Regional Water Quality Control Board (WQCB) and the Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) and will eventually come before the City Council for review. We anticipate that the BOS will be holding open meetings soon, to receive input from the public about what we want to see happen next.
Hopefully, these discussions will not only consider revegetation alternatives, but will also suggest mitigation and compensation for the damage done. We would also like to initiate a supplement to the current Master Plan for the Basin to correct errors and clarify land uses/management plans.
Meanwhile, our discussions directly with the Corps will continue.
Kris Ohlenkamp