Annual Birdathon

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It’s Go Time! By Diana Keeney & Lynn Maddox


The countdown is over, and it’s time to take off on our annual SFVAS Birdathon. Held each year during April and May, the Birdathon is a unique fundraiser that not only brings in needed donations for our important activities but also whips up some spirit among Birdathon leaders and participants. Which leaders will top their own species counts? Which group will persevere in poor weather? Which group will see the most unusual birds?Anyone can participate by pledging sponsorship to one or more of the team leaders listed on the Pledge/Contribution form, page three, and submitting your donations to SFVAS. You can also join in on as many Birdathon events as you want, lending your eyes and ears to up the species counts. Leaders welcome your participation at events from the Simi Hills to the Sepulveda Basin and the Malibu coastline to the Antelope Valley. There’s a Big Sit again this year for relaxed birding at the first viewing area of the Wildlife Lake at Sepulveda Basin. Even Orange County will be explored!

The funds generated by the Birdathon enable SFVAS to host thousands of schoolchildren in the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program, support the San Fernando Valley Bird Observatory, contribute to habitat conservation efforts and continue our mission to increase public awareness and broaden appreciation of wildlife and the natural environment. Please contribute as generously as you can!

            You can donate to the Birdathon fundraiser by sending your contribution to SFVAS, PO Box 7769, Van Nuys, CA 91409 or by clicking on the “DONATE” button above.

Birdathon 2014  Contribution Information

To participate in the Birdathon is easy.

 First Select the Birder Group you would like to support -

  • Carolyn Oppenheimer         April 15, O’Melveny Park                              Probable Species: 30
  • John & Andrew Willis          April 19, Malibu Coastline                           Probable Species: 75
  • Jim Moore                            April 23, Antelope Valley                             Probable Species: 125
  • Allan & Muriel Kotin            April 25-26, LA & Orange Counties           Probable Species: 100
  • Dick Barth                          April 26, Morongo Valley                            Probable Species: 65-70
  • Langton Family                      April TBD, Highway 33                               Probable Species: 70
  • Mark Osokow                         May 2, Simi Hills/Santa Susana Mts.       Probable Species:  65-70
  • Linda Jones                            May 3, Sepulveda Basin “Big Sit”               Probable Species: 35
  • Kris Ohlenkamp                    May 4, Sepulveda Basin                                Probable Species: 60
  • Art Langton                             May 18, Malibu Creek State Park               Probable Species: 45
  • Your Family Team            Ask your family and friends to support your birding day!  Sign up sponsors on the pledge form, have a “Big Day,” and send in the pledges you collect.
  •  The “Mean” Team          Don’t like picking a favorite?  We can let you know the average or “mean” number of bird species from all the Birdathon teams.

To take part in a Birdathon event check the April/May Phainopepla newsletter for dates and meeting information.

Second  Choose your per species pledge.

____ 25 ¢   ____ 50 ¢   ____ $1 dollar   ____ $2 dollars      Other amount   _________

Third  Sign up sponsors and send in the pledges you collect. Or send us a contribution now. You can designate it to a team leader if you wish.

Two ways to send your contribution -

By Check –  Make checks out to San Fernando Valley Audubon Society (SFVAS).  Send the completed pledge/contribution form to SFVAS, P.O. Box 7769, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7769.

Online -  click the DONATE now button at the top of this screen and email your pledge information to gro.nobuduavfsnull@yeneek.anaid

for more information contact gro.nobuduavfsnull@yeneek.anaid

Information Card for Birdathon -   SolicitationCard, V4462


SFVAS Expenses fiscal year ended 6/30/13 – Submitted by Pat Bates, SFVAS Treasurer

How your donations are used:

The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society (SFVAS) is an all-volunteer §501(c)(3) organization. We rely on donations received in the Birdathon to fund the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program (SBEEP), as well as providing funds for other education and environmental programs.

The amount of revenue SFVAS receives from the National Audubon Society only covers about 46% of the cost of preparing and mailing our newsletter, the Phainopepla. The cost of printing and mailing the Phainopepla is significant, and only partially mitigated by receipt of local dues. That said, the Phainopepla is a very important source of Chapter information including bird walk and other event schedules, information on local conservation and environmental issues, and other items of interest to the community.

Your donations help fund this valuable community resource. SBEEP is a wonderful program, providing local students in grades 4-6 with field trips led by trained naturalists. The students receive hands-on instruction in observation of wildlife and environmental issues, using binoculars and microscopes provided by SFVAS. Each year, approximately 2,000 children (and their teachers) participate in this program. The annual Birdathon is the primary source of funding for SBEEP―we thank you for your donations!

Watch for details in the April/May Phainopepla and plan to participate in one or more events!  In lieu of a separate mailing, all information, sponsor forms, and donation envelopes will be included in the newsletter and at our website