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Cloudy With A Great Chance For Birds

 By Jeannne Kolasz 

Despite a chill in the air and cloudy skies, Carolyn’s walk was a great success! At least 13 people were at O’Melveny Park on April 21 for her Birdathon walk. Carolyn reported sightings of 36 species.

There were many highlights of the day, including: The beautiful Western Tanager, Wilson’s Warbler, Canyon Wren, and Black-chinned Hummingbird. A Peregrine Falcon flew over the group, which was a special sight for everyone! Also of note were the Ash-throated Flycatcher, and White-breasted Nuthatch. It turned out to be a great day for spectacular birds!

Many thanks to Carolyn Oppenheimer for leading us!
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Great Finds at Malibu Creek State Park

By Jeanne Kolasz

It was a wonderful day for Art Langton’s Birdathon walk, Sunday April 19. Twenty-one people were there to enjoy the great weather and the great finds! Some new faces were noted as well as many regulars.

Art reported sitings of 54 species, when a total of 50 was anticipated. Among the recorded were several “High Dollar Birds”. Included in these great finds were: several Lazuli Buntings, 6 Lawrence’s Goldfinches, at least 6 Yellow Warblers, Bullock’s Orioles, 10 Ash-throated Flycatchers, and both the Black-headed Grosbeak, and the Blue Grosbeaks that were seen late in the walk.

We thank you , Art, for leading the group and sharing your great knowledge of birds!

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Birdathon 2015 is off to a great start!

 By Jeanne Kolasz

There were more than 30 people at the Sepulveda Basin April 5 for our first Birdathon event led by Kris Ohlenkamp. Kris reports sitings of 63 species.

The event got off to a great start right from the parking lot! Seen in a Sycamore tree close by there were Bullocks Orioles in pairs, Cassin’s and Western Kingbirds, as well as the delightful Western Bluebirds. It was evident that mating season is well underway with many male birds in breeding plumage, and females nearby.

As for water birds, Double Crested Cormorants were seen nesting, a Cinnamon Teal in breeding plumage, several Green Herons, and an Osprey. Farther down the trail there were several Black-necked Stilts trying to nest in the LA River.

Multiple kinds of Hummingbirds were spotted, as well as 4 different kinds of Swallows, at least 2 singing Bell’s Vireos and a Black-headed Grosbeak.

For the finale to a great day, the 13 people who completed the entire walk got to see a female Great Horned Owl keeping her eggs warm and safe on her new nest!

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Birdathon 2015 — It’s Here!

By Jeanne Kolasz

Taking place on various dates throughout April and May,  the annual SFVAS Birdathon puts the  funin fundraiser!  Birdathon leaders engage in friendly competition with each other and with themselves,  trying to improve on last years species counts.  But everyone is a winner when the donations  are received and SFVAS has funding to continue its important functions.  Anyone can participate in this important fundraising event by pledging sponsorship to one or more of the team leaders listed on the Pledge/Contribution form and submitting donations to SFVAS

You can also join in on several of the Birdathon events,  lending your eyes and ears to maximize the species counts. Birdathon leaders welcome your participation in their efforts at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve  on April 5th. (Kris Ohlenkamp),  Malibu Creek State Park on April 19th. (Art Langdon),  and OMelveny Park on April 21(Carolyn Oppenheimer).  Also,  Jim Moore welcomes you to join him at  the Antelope Valley Big Day on April 22th. and Richard Barth looks forward to seeing you at the Morongo Valley Field Trip April 25th.  Look for details about these activities in the Calendar of Events.

The Children’s  Birdathon is for junior birders who will participate with their families on Saturday  May 2nd.  Details about the Childrens Birdathon and a special sponsor form are included in this newsletter.  Please RSVP for the Childrens Birdathon to Paula Orlovich at

Jeanne Polak-Recht along with Linda Jones will lead the Big Sit at the Sepulveda Basin on Saturday,  May 9th.,  once again proving that a good way to see birds is to sit still and let them come to you!  Please join Jeanne and Linda at the first viewing area at the Wildlife lake from 9 to 11 a.m.  Bring a chair or cushion to the Big Sit if you wish.

The funds generated by the Birdathon enable SFVAS to host thousands of school children in the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program,  support the San Fernando Valley Bird Observatory,  contribute to habitat conservation efforts,  and continue the mission to to increase public awareness and broaden appreciation of wildlife and the natural environment.  Please contribute to the Birdathon as generously as you can!  You can donate several ways:  send in the enclosed envelope,  use the sponsor form tear-out or make a copy and mail it in,  or donate online at  Thank you for your support!