SFVAudubon Conservation Voting Guide, 2016

Yes on Prop. 67 San Fernando Valley Audubon Society heartily endorses a YES vote on California's Proposition 67, Your vote will reaffirm Californians' desire for a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.  Plastic bag manufacturers are doing everything they can to frustrate the will of the People -- and we understand that. Selling

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Come to an SFVAS General Meeting! Join us and be rewarded!

SFVAS would like to welcome all members to our general meetings, and say “Thank You” with a gift. Our wonderful membership has helped us work toward our goals by: signing petitions and recruiting others to sign donating to the Birdathon buying T-shirts and other memorabilia attending our monthly meetings contacting

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Hurry — Angelfest At a Tipping Point!

Angelfest 2017 is still not a "done deal," but it's getting closer! Many concerned citizens believe the cancellation of Angelfest 2016 means, "Problem Solved." That mindset works in the festival promoters’ favor. They're putting a full-court press on the Army Corps of Engineers to waive its policies concerning huge crowds in the Sepulveda

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April 28 — General Membership Meeting — and Parrots!

SPEAKER TOPIC: Identify Parrots in our “Urban Jungle” SPEAKER: Karen Mabb. Karen Mabb, M.S., Biological Sciences, is the heart of the California Parrot Project. Her dedicated research; compilation and analysis of data spanning more than a decade has lead to a comprehensive understanding of wild parrot populations in California. In 2003,

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Drones In The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve — the Next Chapter and A Call to Action!

Saturday, 2/20, late afternoon a recently-hatched great horned owlet was found in bad shape at the base of the nesting tree. Unfortunately it did not survive. This tree is adjacent to where most drone flying in the Basin has been taking place. While emphasizing that we can’t prove there’s a

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Welcoming the Antelope Valley Sub-chapter to Our Website and Our Community

Excerpted from National Audubon's comments on the AV's Important Bird Area: The Joshua tree woodlands of the AV support one of the farthest-west populations of Le Conte's Thrasher in the state. The grassland bird community is most impressive in winter, when large numbers of raptors concentrate in the area. Large flocks

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Our petition drive is going as well as we could have hoped, but we still need more signatures from local stakeholders. Thank you, everyone who has signed, everyone who has carried our Call to Action into their neighborhood sites or their FaceBook page, everyone who has called or written to Deborah

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AngelFest: We All Love Music, But This Is An Existential Threat to Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve — Sign Our Petition!

On January 26, 2016 Muriel Kotin of our Conservation Committee received a “heads up” email from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACoE) that: “LA City Rec and Parks has requested a waiver from the Corps in order to hold a 3 day music festival in Sepulveda Basin on

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I Count! Do you?

2013 CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT Saturday, December 21, 2013 Birders Needed! Once again this year, the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society will once again join chapters across the country and in North and South America, Hawaii, and the Caribbean and take part in the National Audubon Society’s 114th Annual Christmas Bird

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Why Do Birds Fall from the Sky?

With several occurrences of such phenomena hitting the national media last week, some of you may be interested to know more information about such seemingly bizarre behavior. Well, someone has compiled a great deal of info on the “Birds Fall from the Sky” website to sate the desires of those

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