On Sunday, January 7, Kathy Barton and Muriel Kotin directed a cleanup of Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve by volunteers from the Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church of Van Nuys.  Twelve adult volunteers from the church plus a determined (sometimes) preschool girl worked hard and efficiently at cleaning much of the creek, around the lake, and north of the lake.

Interestingly, things looked pretty good in almost all places when we started.  Even the PVC irrigation pipe had been removed already.  Recreation and Parks and other volunteers including the weeding team from the California Native Plant Society have been doing their part.  At this point the Reserve looks wonderful but obviously in need of the rain predicted for this week.  A few Golden Current plants have managed to begin flowering and a small percent of the California Roses and Mexican Elderberries have grown a few new leaves, but it’s very dry.  We hope the rain won’t bring too much trash from other parts of the valley.  And, of course, that it doesn’t cause great damage in the recent wildfire areas.

One plus to today’s efforts was community support.  Several people visiting the reserve paused to thank the volunteers.  A couple of these people were walking their dogs.  At least the dogs were on leash.  And one young man came to tell us of a hidden area of the creak that was great need of cleaning.  Our volunteers removed several bags of what they emphasized were HEAVY trash there.

The teen service club from the same Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church of Van Nuys will visit the reserve on February 11.  They will remove old mustard plants in addition to helping with the ongoing cleanup efforts if needed.

We will continue to update our members about community volunteer participation. It is very gratifying to see stakeholders in our wonderful Reserve who are prepared to help keep it in good shape. If you are part of a group that might be interested in joining our efforts, we will provide the guidance and equipment so they can be part of a very satisfying morning’s work!

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