CalTrans Connector Meeting Follow-Up

To: Supporters of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

The May 14th public meeting went wonderfully well. So many of you attended. Many of you spoke.

As a result, helped by several members of the public I had never met or heard from, overwhelming support was expressed against alternatives 2 and 3.

Only one sole speaker expressed support for Alternative 3.

If we can get out lots of e-mails and letters to Caltrans opposing alternatives 2 and 3, I believe we have a good likelihood of Alternative 1 or No Build being selected.

Thanks to all who attended. I’m sure we made a real impact.

Speakers and question-askers were SFVAS members Kris Ohlenkamp, Seth Shteir, Mark Osokow, Joyce Batten, Sharon Ford, Mathew Tekulsky, Chris Van Beveren and I, as well as birder Walter Lamb from Culver City, SMBAS leader Chuck Almdale, fiery orator Brentwood School teacher Teri Redman and 3 of her students, CNPS president Snowdy Dodson, Canada Goose Project President Rosemarie White, RCD Education Coordinator Stephen Vodantis.

Also attending were SFVAS members Carolyn Oppenheimer, Donna Timlin, Joyce MacKinnon, Rose Leibowitz and Fleury Hershman, as well as Lillian Almdale and Mercene Carlson.

Thanks all and, whether you were at the meeting or not, let’s get out lots of letters!

—Muriel Kotin, President, SFVAS

[Note: For background information on this item, including where to send your letters, refer to this article. A sample letter from past president Kris Ohlenkamp is here. A list of elected officials is here.]