Hurry — Angelfest At a Tipping Point!

Angelfest 2017 is still not a "done deal," but it's getting closer!

Many concerned citizens believe the cancellation of Angelfest 2016 means, "Problem Solved." That mindset works in the festival promoters’ favor. They're putting a full-court press on the Army Corps of Engineers to waive its policies concerning huge crowds in the Sepulveda Basin; policies against profit-making in the park, and policies limiting decibel levels, limiting hours of operation, and limiting proximity to the Wildlife Reserve -- policies that have been worked out between the Corps and the community over many years.  This is happening right now, not next year.

Now is the time for the community to put maximum energy into stopping Angelfest 2017 in Woodley Park, to demand that promoters and the Recreation and Parks Department find another venue for their event!

The Army Corps could waive their own policies, allowing Angelfest to proceed, as soon as June of this year. At that point our battle becomes longer and harder. Please, if you haven’t signed San Fernando Valley Audubon Society’s online petition, do so now. If you haven’t written your elected representatives -- all of them -- please take the time to do so now. You can send the same email to each and every one, but they need to hear from you. The promoters are deluging the Corps with favorable messages from friends as far away as New York. We have to fight back or pay the consequences right here in the Valley -- next year, and maybe for years after that.

Sign and share the on-line petition.

  • Please add something in the comment section that shows you are familiar with the Wildlife Reserve and/or Woodley Park and/or music festivals.
  • Share the link with friends, family and neighbors on Facebook, Twitter, email and NextDoor. NextDoor has been especially useful in getting the local community engaged. Everyone in each household should be encouraged to sign.
  • For background info we recommend this in-depth story from KCET .

Contact elected officials and their staff.

Email your objections to the Army Corps:

  • [email protected].
  • Deadline for public comment is May 29. Try to beat that deadline by a few days if possible.
  • You can write an in-depth response to the Environmental Assessment if you want or just speak your mind.
  • Encourage friends, family, neighbors, etc. to write as well.

Attend the Public Meeting

  • Scheduled for  May 10, evening SAVE THE DATE.
  • Location: Balboa Sports Complex near Balboa & Burbank.
  • Bring people to the meeting.
  • If you have ideas or suggestions, email us at [email protected].

Numbers count! Get as many people involved as you can! It seems like a lot of work, but you'll be glad you did it!