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October 22, 2020

SFVAS Announces Scholarship Results

The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society (SFVAS), affiliated with the National Audubon Society, is pleased to announce three new scholarships awarded this year to promising college students who are involved in the study of conservation or ornithology.  Originally the scholarships were to support their participation in our national conferences, but since the pandemic hit SFVAS… read more
September 21, 2020

More “After the Fire”

Several masked and socially distancing leaders from the San Fernando Valley Audubon and California Native Plant Societies visited the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve three days after the disastrous September 6 wildfire. The goal was to survey damage, get an idea of what natural recovery to expect, and begin developing an action plan.  A second walkthrough… read more
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September 7, 2020

After the Fire

The day I have anticipated and dreaded has occurred. A fire broke out in the basin on September 6 at about 1:00. I could see the smoke from Sherman Oaks and I knew its location before I confirmed with Marianne and Richard Davis. They had driven to the basin and watched as the fire grew… read more
August 26, 2020

College Scholarship for SFVAS

The Audubon Society State programs, nature centers, 463 chapters and national/international partners have an unparalleled wingspan that reaches millions of people.  The mission is to inform, inspire, and unite diverse communities in conservation action.  Since 1905, Audubon’s vision has been a world in which people and wildlife thrive. To promote the interest and career aspirations… read more
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August 16, 2020

Non-Group Haskell Creek Cleanups – Cancelled

Sept. 16-Oct.15 Due to the devastating fire in the Reserve, the call for cleanup volunteers has been retracted -- the damage is too extensive and safety is uncertain. We will keep all parties informed as we assess the situation and determine the best way forward. Thank you for your concern and generosity. Due to the… read more
July 31, 2020

Let’s Keep An Eye On This — Updated

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), signed into law in 1918, is among the oldest wildlife protection laws on the books. Its creation was one of the National Audubon Society's first major victories, and in the years since its enactment, the MBTA has saved millions, if not billions, of birds. Today, enforcement of key provisions of the MBTA is… read more
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July 12, 2020

Big Victories for California’s Birds

On California Audubon's Virtual Advocacy Day, June 2nd , your SFVAS Conservation team and many other active Audubon California Staff and Chapter members held 50 virtual (Zoom) meetings with California legislators and sent over 16,000 letters on top issues affecting birds and our communities. Our voices were heard and secured significant victories in our state… read more
July 7, 2020

Back to the Drawing Board…

Only a few days ago, SFVAS was discussing the resumption of birdwalks, contacting leaders and getting pretty excited about a limited and careful return to our favorite pastime. Here at the website, we were sharpening our digi-pencil to write the welcome words in bright red at the top of the landing page: WALKS RESUMING! Alas,… read more
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June 20, 2020

Can’t Bird But Got the Itch?

Did you know you can get live closeup views of Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon nests from the comfort of your own home? Snoop on Penguins and Avocets? Access more than a dozen webcams hosted by Cornell, some located in exotic, far-off locations? It may not equal getting out in your sunhat and binoculars, but… read more
June 10, 2020

We Stand Together

When we go out to birdwatch we bring our equipment and our knowledge, and foremost our respect for nature and our fellow birdwatchers. In recent weeks we have been made aware of the inequity experienced by our fellow enthusiasts, in the Black communities, who do not feel safe and fear encounters that quickly and easily… read more
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