December 30, 2008

Upper Newport Bay and San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary – Monthly Field Trip

Bring lunch and drinks. Allow about 1.5 hours driving time from the San Fernando Valley. Directions: Take the 5 Fwy south into Orange County; exit Jamboree Road in the city of Irvine.  Turn right (south) on Jamboree Road and proceed about 4 miles to San Joaquin Hills Road, turn right and drive down to the… read more

High Desert Bird Prowl – CANCELED

CANCELED due to high winds!  ------------------------------- Here is an opportunity to seek out wintering hawks, owls, Mountain Plovers, Mountain Bluebirds, longspurs, sparrows, etc. Directions: Take  the 405 or 5 Freeway north to the 14 Freeway. Exit the 14 at Avenue S south of Palmdale and drive to the Park-n-Ride Lot just east of the off-ramp.… read more
December 28, 2008

Christmas Bird Count Day Dawns Bright and Cold

Fourteen people showed up at Hansen Dam in clear, 35-degree weather, separated into 4 counting teams and went out to count species and individuals in the 2.5-3.0 square mile area in and around the dam. 92 species were recorded in the area, somewhat less than the expected number, but more than recorded there last year.… read more
December 11, 2008

Christmas Bird Count, Saturday, December 27th – Join Us!

Here is a great opportunity to get outdoors between Christmas and New Years Day and contribute to avian science! Bring yourself, family and friends to one of the locations below to help with the censusing of birds wintering in the San Fernando Valley Count Circle. Volunteers are needed at all locations. For directions and other… read more
November 25, 2008

Annual Conservation Award Dinner

Featured Speaker: Tom Kaminski Avian Video Center Producer Tom Kaminski, sponsored by The Hummingbird Society, recently traveled to Isla Robinson Crusoe (a Chilean possession) to film the endemic and critically endangered Juan Fernández Firecrown Hummingbird (Sephanoides fernandensis). Tom Kaminski has combined his experience in broadcast journalism, aerospace communications, and college teaching to create nature programs… read more
November 17, 2008

Sierra Club to Host Cleanup of Haskell Creek

November 22, 2008 (Saturday) 8:00am to 11:00am Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area Cleanup Help the San Fernando Valley Sierra Club clean up Haskell Creek at the Sepulveda Wildlife Basin. You will have fun and create a clean environment for the Basin birds, fish, and mammals at the same time! Learn about the animals that live in… read more

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Refuge for birds and birders, not fishermen

Check out this article by LA Times reporter, Pete Thomas, for an update on unlawful uses of the Refuge and Wildlife lake. Fortunately the Los Angeles City Park Rangers are increasing their presence there in response to the problem. If you encounter fishing, off-leash dogs or other highly inappropriate behavior at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife… read more
November 16, 2008

O’Melveny Bird Walk Set for Tuesday is Cancelled

Because of the recent fire, O'Melveny Park has been closed to determine its safety for public use. Therefore, the bird walk scheduled for Tuesday, November 18 has been cancelled. Carolyn Oppenheimer read more
November 1, 2008

Hansen Dam Weed Removal Project

See here for details. read more
October 28, 2008

HELP WANTED: Nov. 8 Invasive Weed Control Project at Hansen Dam

An 80-acre wildfire in May 2007 at Hansen Dam Basin burned much of the large riparian woodland south of the Aquatic Center. Bill Neill has been treating exotic weed populations growing in the northern and eastern edges of the riparian woodland. Although the sprayed plants are now dead, their seed clusters remain; so a 2-hour… read more