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September 17, 2017

Another Successful Coastal Cleanup Day for SFVAS

Yesterday, Sat. 9/16, forty or so hardy and dedicated volunteers showed up for SFVAS’s Fall Cleanup of Haskell Creek in the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve. As part of the Heal-the-Bay Coastal Cleanup Day, our workers made a significant contribution to healthy waterways for wildlife and human visitors.  Two hundred and fifty pounds (more or less)… read more
September 11, 2017

Happy SBEEP New Year!

SFVAS’s Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program is about to start a new season. Once again, we’re proud and happy to welcome groups of LAUSD children to the Wildlife Reserve for educational, exciting outdoor field trips. School budgets being what they are, SBEEP is often the only excursion students get to experience all school year. Begun in 1993… read more
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July 27, 2017

Over 62? Time to Buy That Pass!

If you are 62 and over and frequently use any of the birding sites on lands covered by the "America the Beautiful - The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass - Senior Pass" and you haven't purchased your lifetime senior pass yet (or have lost yours and have been intending to replace it) BUY IT NOW!! The… read more
July 24, 2017

Cavity Conservation Matters to Birds — and You Can Help!

The Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife Project in California ( asks for your level of interest in being added to a list of Audubon Chapters/birders and wildlife biologists who might want to be hired (or help on a volunteer basis) to take calls from tree care providers who have a bird related question… read more
May 15, 2017

1st Annual Children’s Bird Day A Big Success!

  There were three important numbers for our first Children’s Bird Day at the Sepulveda Basin on Sunday. The first was 17. That’s how many enthusiastic children attended from Mar Vista Elementary School, City Charter, New West Charter, and Kester Magnet Elementary School. The second important number is 37. That’s how many species were identified… read more
May 8, 2017

Audubon California Advocacy Day in Sacramento

Audubon California’s annual advocacy day is coming up. It is a pretty amazing event where you can meet chapter members from across the state. Audubon California has set up legislative appointments -- they partner up attendees to go and speak with their state senators and assembly members about environmental and conservation bills that protect and… read more
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April 10, 2017

They’re Trying to AngelFest Us Again!

Woodley Park. The place we fought so hard to keep a huge music festival out of -- remember that? We succeeded, but now smaller events are moving into the park. They've been chased out of other parks and it's time for us to chase them out of Woodley Park. These groups use "encoded" Facebook pages… read more
April 2, 2017

Let’s Do Birdathon!

San Fernando Valley Audubon's annual Birdathon is our principal means of financing SBEEP, the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program. SBEEP works with LAUSD schools to bus children into our Wildlife Preserve for an exciting, educational field trip. Our trained SBEEP guides and leaders treat the kids to a rare outdoor experience. We supply binoculars for… read more
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March 16, 2017

Chatworth Nature Preserve Open House

The Department of Water and Power opens the Chatsworth Nature Preserve to the public only one time a year. CNP is one of only two such preserves in our valley. After this year's rains, the preserve is more beautiful than ever. Take this unique chance to visit and participate in Earth Day activities. SFVAS will… read more
March 13, 2017

California, Out In Front on the Environment, As Usual — Please Lend Your Voice!

CALIFORNIA FIGHTS FOR WILDLIFE -- and you can help! Here’s the chronology of events: When California's turkey season opens in March, hunters will be required to use nontoxic bullets. (Dave Doe/Flickr Creative Commons) In 2013, the CA legislature passed a law phasing in a ban of lead ammunition for all hunting -- rifle, shotgun, fishing… read more
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