April 21, 2007

National Park Service Centennial

By Seth Shteir National Park Service Centennial By Seth Shteir As an elementary school teacher I'm well aware of how important the national parks are in the eyes of my students. One September, on the first day of school, seven year old Jared blurted out excitedly, "We saw California condors at the Grand Canyon!" This January, after returning from a family trip, eleven year old Maya wrote haiku about Yosemite's stunning winter scenery. However, the national parks which have played such an important role in the lives of children like Jared and Maya, face myriad threats including an 800 million dollar operating shortfall, invasive species, encroaching development, staffing cuts, slashed education programs, crime and decaying infrastructure. Our southern California national parks are no exception. Illegal drugs are being trafficked through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Only 13 rangers patrol Death Valley's vast 3.4 million acres-an area bigger than the state of Delaware. Archeological surveys have been conducted on less than 5% of Joshua Tree National Park. None of the objects in Mojave National Preserve's small museum collection have been cataloged. Overall, the National Park Service has just one park service interpreter for every 100,000 visitors. Because of these problems and because the National Park Service is ten years away from celebrating its centennial in 2016, it has been attempting to engage the American public in a dialog about the future of our parks. In recent weeks, the NPS asked the public to imagine how they, their children and future generations want to enjoy the national parks. The NPS wanted to know the public's hopes and expectations. Key to this process were listening sessions and written comments. But the listening sessions and public comment period are only the beginning of this national discourse.

Morongo Valley Birdathon

Monthly Field Trip to Morongo Valley - A BIRDATHON Event Location: Morongo Valley Notes: This desert oasis offers great birding in the spring. Warblers, flycatchers, hummingbirds and orioles are among the birds expected. At least one pair of Vermilion Flycatchers has been seen every April in memory.Directions: Allow 2 1/2 hours to drive from the…

Butterbredt Springs Birdathon

Birding Butterbredt Springs, California City, Galileo Hills, Piute Ponds. Date: Tuesday April 24, 2007 Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm Location: A BIRDATHON Event Notes: Meet at 6:00 a.m. at the park-n-ride lot on the east side of Avenue S in Palmdale. We will then stop in Palmdale for a brief search for LeConte's Thrasher,…
April 8, 2007

Monthly Field Trip Report by Richard Barth

On February 17 our group visited the large private game preserve in southeastern Ventura County. Summer-like temperatures with very strong wind conditions prevailed. The high winds held down the number of birds encountered, but we still had a productive walk. We tallied Snow Goose and nine species of ducks. Raptor highlights were Peregrine, Merlin, Northern…
April 6, 2007

California Condor to Benefit from State’s First Voluntary Discontinuance of Lead Ammunition

Tejon Ranch Company joined with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Audubon California to further protect the California Condor by announcing it would discontinue the use of lead hunting ammunition on Tejon Ranch, the 270,000-acre privately-owned ranch in California’s Tehachapi Mountains that is home to the state’s largest private hunting program. While tremendous progress…

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There are two kinds of ways to write content on this site, Pages and Posts. Pages contain static and non-changing information. For instance, the membership signup process does not get many updates, and is not time-oriented, so it is a Page.  Most of the links in the upper left column are to Pages. A notice…


Owners: Seth Shteir and Kris Ohlencamp SAMPLE TEXT REPLACE AUDUBON-AT-HOME Restoring Habitat, One Yard At A Time by Alan Pollack It was a beautiful spring day in 1995. I had recently retired and was enjoying my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. On this particular day, I was relaxing on my backyard patio and gazing…
March 25, 2007


This is the test site for the San Fernando Valley Audubon's future webpage. Please take a look around and click on things. Stuff is being reworked and breaking right now, so you might even see something move right before your eyes. If you have any questions, please let me know: lorna@herfstudios.com
March 24, 2007


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