San Fernando Valley Audubon is joining Audubon California and a broad coalition of conservation organizations in supporting Proposition 68 on the June 5 California ballot. These groups have cited numerous potential benefits to California’s birds and other natural treasures, as well as the state’s residents. Called the California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act, Proposition 68 is a $4 billion bond measure that will fund a number of important priorities for Californians, including local, regional and state parks, clean drinking water projects, flood protection, and habitat projects that are vital to the state’s diverse wildlife.

For the birds of the Pacific Flyway, and the roughly one million people living around the Salton Sea, Prop. 68 has profound importance. The bond measure includes $200 million for vitally important dust mitigation and habitat restoration at the Salton Sea, where water diversions are creating a public health disaster and destroying habitat.

Proposition 68 includes funding for a broad array of conservation priorities:

$2.83 billion for parks and natural resources funding

  • Investments in park-poor neighborhoods
  • Much-needed maintenance for state parks
  • Trails and creek restoration
  • Funding for critical restoration at the Salton Sea

$1.27 billion for water reliability

  • Clean drinking water projects
  • Groundwater clean-up and sustainability
  • Flood protection, including multi-benefit flood projects

$767 million for state conservancies

  • Vital landscape-scale conservation work
  • Ocean, bay, and coastal protection

$442 million for climate adaptation

  • Projects to ensure habitat connectivity
  • Collaborations on climate-smart farm practices
  • Rivers and waterways restoration

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