Special Events

San Fernando Valley Audubon strives to encourage local youth to become engaged in protecting the natural environment and local wildlife. In order to advance this goal we have formed the College Student Conservation Committee. This committee plans projects and educational lectures that are designed for college students. Informational flyers about these events are distributed on local college campuses such as Cal State Northridge, LA Valley College, Pierce College, College of the Canyons and UCLA. The events have so far included clean ups, planting and grooming projects at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve. We have also staged several lectures and garden tours concerning the use of low water usage plants for home gardens.

Continuing Projects

In addition to participating in events, we are looking for students to become involved with San Fernando Valley Audubon in projects requiring regular sustained involvement. We have mentors who will help students participate in a variety of environmentally beneficial activities. For example one student has been helping monitor and keep records on nest boxes designed for use by Western Bluebirds. We also have a member who is looking for student trainees to assist him with a new bird-banding project. Projects involving native plant restorations of local habitat are also a possibility. Some of these activities would require that a student already have a working knowledge of local wildlife or native plants. However, we can provide training for any student willing to learn.

Community Involvement

Another, activity that college students might be interested in is outreach and community activism. Outreach involves attending festivals or events and disseminating knowledge to attendees about environmental activism. Students might choose to assist our conservation chair in efforts to prevent local development that we feel would harm our environment. Students could also volunteer to become Audubon representatives on their campus and distribute information on our chapter goals and events to other students. These student representatives could help our chapter’s board have a better understanding of how their generation relates to environmental issues and the kinds of activities that appeal to them.


If you volunteer with San Fernando Valley Audubon’s College Conservation Committee you will not only gain personal satisfaction from helping protect your natural environment. We can provide you with certificates of recognition for volunteer community activity that will make you stand out on your resume as a student with extra initiative on future applications to advanced programs and career opportunities. We will be happy to provide letters detailing your volunteer commitment to our organization if they are requested.

Contact Us

If you are a college student or a college teacher who would like to explore any of the above opportunities please call or email our committee chairperson, Carolyn Oppenheimer at 818-885-7493 or [email protected]

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