Birdathon 2021

We’re all winners when SFVAS has the funding to support its mission.

The funds raised through Birdathon have enabled SFVAS to host many thousands of school children through the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program, to support the San Fernando Valley Bird Observatory, to contribute to habitat conservation efforts, and to continue the SFVAS mission of increasing public awareness and appreciation of wildlife and the natural environment.

This year, like last year, we are operating under COVID restrictions. As the vaccines take hold, we’re asking Birdathon walk leaders to decide for themselves whether to allow a small number of counters to join them (with masking and distancing a lot of birds can still be seen!). In the list of walks below, if you see an email address, that leader will respond to your request to be included. First come, first served!

April 4 – Kris Ohlenkamp @ Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, starting at 8 AM, expects to see 60 species. Kris’s walk saw 59 species! It’s not too late to pledge!

April 8 — Kathy & David Barton will count @ Malibu Creek State Park, expecting to see 35-40 species.

April 11 — Paula Orlovich leads @ Franklin Canyon starting at 8 AM, expects to see 30 species. This just in: Paula’s walk saw 33 species! It’s not too late to pledge!

April 16 — Dick Barth will count in Long Beach, expecting to see 65-70 species..

April 20 — Carolyn Oppenheimer leads at O’Melveny Park, expecting to see 35 species. Email her at

April 24 — Pat Bates leads at Hansen Dam, 8:15 AM, expecting to see 40 species. Email her at

April 29 or May 5, TBD — Mark Osokow will lead a massive all-day outing in the NW Valley. Email him for details (owling at nightfall!) Email him at

Art Langton (Highway 33 from the Ocean to the Mountains) at a date TBD, expecting 80 species.

Alan and Muriel Kotin will count at a date TBD in Malibu and its environs, expecting 40 species

Joey Curti will count at the Cold Creek Reserve at a date TBD, expecting 40 species.

John and Andrew Willis will count in the San Pedro/Rancho Palos Verdes area in early May, for the Lori Willis Memorial Fund.

If you’d like to contribute to SFVAS during the Birdathon, you have two options: You can support one of our bird walks with a pledge. It’s easy: you tell us how much you’re pledging, per individual bird species sighted on a given walk. When the Birdathon events are all over, we’ll tell you how many species your “avatar” saw and you can remit your pledged amount quickly and easily.

I pledge $ per species to the team.

Submitting this selection does not access your credit card. We will notify you when your team's bird count is known -- you will finalize your donation then.

If you'd like to pledge to more than one team, feel free to pledge again!

If you can’t stand the suspense of waiting to see how your favorite team does, you can make a direct donation to it. Or you can simply donate to Birdathon. Right here, right now.

Please consider supporting Birdathon. We really do put your money to good use.

I'd like to make a one-time donation to the SFVAS Birdathon 2021 or make good on my pledge-per-species:


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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Richard Davis at