MISSION STATEMENT -- Adopted May 12, 2005


  • to promote the conservation of resources, to preserve and enhance the natural habitat within our territory
  • to increase the public’s and our awareness and appreciation of bird life and the natural environment and
  • to create a social environment that encourages individual knowledge, development, and participation.

Nothing in the mission statement is to be interpreted as being in conflict or contradictory with the chapter’s constitution and by-laws.

CHAPTER GOALS -- Adopted May 12, 2005

  1. To increase the chapter’s membership.
  2. To increase participation in chapter activities, especially by youth. *
  3. To participate in and influence public policy regarding local resource conservation and land use issues.
  4. To continue and expand the number and variety of walks and programs and other public contacts.
  5. To expand and enhance effective youth programs.
  6. To serve as an information resource to the public.
  7. To promote backyard habitat and healthy landscape practices. *
  8. Develop and promote activities in the Santa Clarita/Antelope Valley. *
  9. To maintain a sound financial basis for our programs.
  10. To celebrate our 100th year as an important resource to the Southland community. *

* denotes a goal deemed primary by the Board meeting as a committee of the whole in a planning session on April 30, 2005

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