San Fernando Valley Audubon Society has a grants and scholarships program to support community scholars as well as local conservation research and projects.

The Grants program is focused on providing support to individuals including students and community organizations for important research and/or projects related to birds, birding, and conservation.


San Fernando Valley Audubon Society (SFVAS), an organization dedicated to bird conservation, education and science, is offering grants for projects which advance these goals. Grants of up to $5000 will be considered for projects in the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society Territory. Applications are due and must be received not later than four (4) weeks before the next scheduled board meeting of SFVAS for possible consideration. Grants of a larger amount may be considered, but would require expanded documentation and review time, and permission to file such an application must be obtained from the SFVAS Grants committee.

Types of Projects Supported

  • Research which may significantly contribute to further knowledge about, or conservation of, avian resources in the SFVAS territory.
  • Educational projects targeted at schools, nature centers, or youth and/or adult organizations. May include interpretive displays, bird viewing blinds or similar infrastructure for enhancing avian education.
  • Popular publications about birds in our region and/or their habitat. These publications are to be aimed at the general public rather than scientific audiences.
  • Projects that promote the conservation of natural resources and the creation, preservation, enhancement, or remediation of wildlife habitats and biodiversity in the SFVAS area.

Who May Apply

Non-profit groups, including schools, in the SFVAS territory are eligible for SFVAS grants. Grants to individuals may be considered. Email with any questions about eligibility for grant funding or the application process.

Application, Evaluation and Award

Applications must be received 4 weeks prior to the next scheduled SFVAS board meeting for possible consideration at that meeting. The applications will first be reviewed by a grants committee (composed of at least two Board members). If necessary, additional opinions on the proposal will be obtained. Questions may arise which could potentially delay consideration of the proposal. The grants committee will submit its recommendation to the Board, and the Board will discuss and vote on the request. Requests will either be approved for the amount of funds requested, approved but at a different level of funding, deferred if additional information is required to reach a decision, or not approved. All votes will require a quorum of Board members and the final decision will be based on a majority vote. The Board’s Conflict of Interest policy will be strictly observed.

Qualifications and Accountability

In addition to a completed application for the grant, kindly provide a statement of qualifications and accountability. For an individual applicant this would be a resume or curriculum vitae describing skills applicable to the project. For an organization, kindly provide the IRS EIN, California Charitable Registration number, and URL of the organization’s website. In addition, please provide the names of individuals responsible for proper expenditure of funds. Further, should there be a change during the project, SFVAS requests that it be notified by email to If approved, individuals receiving grants will be required to provide their Social Security Number for reporting on Form 1099-Misc. Individuals and organizations will be asked to attest by signature to the grant terms.

Grant Evaluation Guidelines

Proposals will be numerically scored and ranked according to the following 3 criteria, with up to 5 points awarded for each criterion and a maximum of 15 total points.

  1. Intrinsic merits of the project—how it directly relates to conservation of local avian resources, through research, education or conservation measures.
  2. Methods—purpose and methods are clearly defined, procedures described are appropriate to the proposed project or problem, methods employed will have negligible negative impacts upon the subject birds or their habitat.
  3. Adequacy of Resources and Project Leadership—budget is suitable for achieving objectives (see Reward Obligations, below), management agency is clearly defined, project leader or agency has a demonstrated successful track record, student applicants include a positive letter of support.

Reward Obligations

Upon project completion, recipients will prepare a written report of 200-500 words and submit it to SFVAS (email to The report will include a summary of how the funds were used. Inclusion of project photographs is encouraged.Written reports, presentations, and any printed materials that result from the project will acknowledge that the project was made possible (in whole or in part) by a grant from SFVAS.


SFVAS assumes no responsibility or oversight for projects funded through its Grants Program and waives any claims for liability related to these projects. Any person, agency or organization receiving such grant funds agrees SFVAS shall be held harmless for any claims related to the use of these funds.