Our Zoom Events

During the Covid crisis, we adjusted by moving our meetings and events to online status, using Zoom. It has worked out very well, as more people can attend and enjoy without traveling, parking and sitting on hard folding chairs. Events are arranged here with most recent on top. Enjoy!

Scott Weidensaul – A World on the Wing

Timothy Beatley on Nature and Urban Design

David Newsom on “Bringing the Birds Home”

Dr. Peter Coates on Crows & Ravens

Kat High: Birds As Relatives from a Native Perspective

John Alexander on Conservation Science

Kristie Stein explains the MOTUS wildlife tracking system.

Alan Breslauer presents on the value and variety of catios for protecting pets and the birds they predate.

Dr. John McCormack: “We’ll Always Have Parrots (in Los Angeles)”

Freya MacGregor explains and advocates for Birdability: birding for all!

Richard Louv presents on our NEED for birds.

Amie MacDonald on Tracking World Migrations

Wild Turkeys, by Katherine Miller & Kevin Vella

Joey Curti on bat diversity in the Santa Monica Mountains

Dr. Eric Wood on the Importance of Street Trees to Urban Avifauna