Nothing adds bright yellow to the landscape like a goldfinch. The Lesser Goldfinch (LEGO) is only “lesser” because it’s slightly smaller than the American Goldfinch (AMGO) — a bird that gives new meaning to the word “Yellow.” Both these spectacular avians are easily attracted to a Nyjer seed-feeder, the easiest feeder to hang, in a backyard or off the balcony of an apartment. Nyjer seeds do not sprout, so can be hung over dirt/lawn. 
Note the AMGO’s orangish beak, and how the male’s black “cap” is forward over the eyes, where the LEGO’s cap sits on top of his head. When a LEGO male is in full mating plumage, you could mistake him for an AMGO, but for these details. The AMGO’s bright yellow plumage wraps around his back, whereas the LEGO’s yellow front goes a bit green on the back.