Grants and Scholarships

Our chapter is always looking for ways to help others enjoy the glories of birding and to learn ways to enhance the environment so that birds can continue to thrive in this world. Recent climate problems have made it difficult for many Southern California species, especially in view of our drought.

We are offering annual Scholarship(s) of up to $1,000 for a young person (school age or student).  It could be used to attend a birding camp or a conference, or to defray expenses on a special birding trip. The recipient will be expected to give us a short report on the activity attended which we would a publish in our newsletter, the Phainopepla.  Applications are invited in September and the decision will be made by mid-October.

We also are offering five grants a year of up to $200 each. This can be used in a variety of ways.  Examples might include planting a bird friendly garden, or creating an environment conducive to seeing birds in a public place (such as a school or a senior citizen center….?), or  purchasing and installing a bird box to help a species with successful breeding. The ideas are yours! Our grants committee will meet in October and April and will review all applications received by that time. The decisions will be made by the end of October and April.

SFVAS donors: We do good things with your money!

Below are the applications for both grants and scholarships.   Please download one, print it out, and mail it in to Grants and Scholarships, SFVAS, PO Box 7769, Van Nuys, CA, 91409.

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