Everyone’s favorite yard-bird. Hummers are amazing in so many ways — their acrobatic flight, including the ability to hover and fly backward like a helicopter; their brightly-flashing gorgets (throat patches); all in a package so tiny it’s sometimes hard to believe they’re actual, warm-blooded animals. The Allen’s Hummingbird (ALHU) was the most common species in the SFV for some years, but the Anna’s (ANHU) has made a come-back, with Rufous (RUHU) in third. Costa’s (COHU), Black-Chinned (BCHU) are rarer sightings.  If you have hummers humming around your yard or balcony feeder in Spring, you can be fairly certain there’s a tiny nest with a couple of jellybean-sized eggs tucked into a bush or small tree nearby.