Wrens in Your Backyard

Probably the busiest bird-on-the-ground in anyone’s garden, the tiny Bewick’s Wren (BEWR) is constantly in motion, turning things over in search of bugs. Its melodic song puts out as much sound per ounce as any bird. Look for the long tail held up, the slightly curved beak and the white “eyebrow.”  BEWR is more likely to be seen beetling along the bottom edge of a fence or wall than out in the open. They’re big fans of meal worms, if you’d care to supplement their diet. 

In spite of its name, the House Wren is less likely to be in your back yard than a Bewick’s Wren. The HOWR is also a tough little customer, this one prone to harming the eggs of other birds as a (rather nasty) means of competition.

The Canyon Wren (CAWR) is just that…a wren to be found in wilder areas, but still possible in SoCal if you live in the hillier suburbs.