SFVAS Reaches Out at Chatsworth Reservoir

Dave and I had a very busy, but enjoyable day! We arrived at 7:30 am to set up our tables. Being early, we had our choice of spot in the Oak Grove, so set up at the beginning of the grove, under a very old and large Valley Oak. It was a wonderful setting and great spot, as we were the first set of tables [we had 3 tables] as you entered the grove. There really were no lulls as there was pretty much a steady stream of visitors all day.  The official attendance was 409, but Dave didn’t register, so there were 410 visitors to the Preserve.



There was a lot of excitement among the visitors, because they were so thrilled that the Preserve was open fors drew a lot of interest to adults and particularly school children.  A number of teachers also came to our table. 


In this photo I’m showing a young boy an owl pellet and skeletons of rodents.







—Sharon Ford with Dave Weeshoff