Fledgling Herons at Risk in Sepulveda Basin

The Black-crowned Night Herons nesting in the Sepulveda Basin have begun to fledge and the young are right on a popular walking, running, and dog walking path. This morning there were two fledglings on the path. One of them was picked up by a concerned walker yesterday and brought to a rehab facility ¾ it was fed and returned this morning.

In order to prevent further disturbances and potential interactions with dogs, I would like to set up a table in the area to warn and inform area users of this temporary delightful situation. In addition to protecting the birds this is a tremendous opportunity for public outreach to a group of active Sepulveda Basin users.

I will set up a table and be there today (Tuesday, 19 May) from 2:00 PM until dark. If anyone can join me, I would appreciate it. Also, this situation is likely to continue for a week or two. So, if anyone out there has time to be there in the next few days, email me as to when, and I will coordinate. Mornings and evenings have the busiest foot traffic.

The roosting/nesting area is the east corner of the golf course on Burbank Blvd. immediately southwest of the LA River. Parking is at the east end of the golf course parking lot on Burbank Blvd. Follow the walking path about 3/4 mile to the east. You will hear the ruckus when you get there. Also, there were dozens of orioles, goldfinches, phoebes, bluebirds, etc. in the immediate area.

Kris Ohlenkamp, Conservation Chair