California State Parks Threatened – Again!

This statement was released by California State Parks on May 29, 2009.

Proposal to Close 220 State Parks

The State of California is faced with a dire fiscal situation. To help meet the state’s budget deficit, there is a budget proposal to eliminate the General Fund support of California State Parks.

California State Parks has identified 220 parks that would need to close and a list of 59 parks that would remain open, based on the information we know right now (May 29, 2009). This list is a DRAFT, a proposal.  If we find that mid-course corrections suddenly apply, we will apply new information and adjust as necessary.

There are 220 state parks that rely on the $143 million in General Fund revenue. There are 59 which could be self-sustaining, obtaining revenue by other means. The lists of parks proposed to close and proposed to remain open are offered here.

Proposed GF Reduction Open Units
Proposed GF Reduction Closed Units

Californians rejected the last proposal to close the state parks. The $143 million ‘savings’ is a minuscule portion (less than 0.6%) of the projected $24 billion deficit. Contact your legislators to oppose this regressive and ill-advised action.

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