Habitat Vigilance

Wilson's Warbler by David Tan
Wilson's Warbler by David Tan

Every year, in the spring and early summer, there is a desire on the part of many persons and agencies to clear out brush, trim all the trees and bushes in sight, and to “tidy things up!” But, as we all know and often overlook, all that “messy” vegetation provides food and safety for many a wild denizen of our neighborhoods, including many of our breeding birds.

If you encounter such clearance underway, we urge you to approach the worker or supervisor and ask, “What are you doing?”  Sharing with them that it is breeding season and that some birds and other critters may be endangered by their undertaking may get them to postpone their task to late summer or fall.

In many instances, such destruction of habitat may be a direct infringement of protections afforded to threatened and endangered species, not to mention all the birds protected under the Migratory Bird Act and International Migratory Bird Treaty. If the work does not stop, you can call the California Department of Fish and Game Hotline, 888-DFG-CALTip (888-334-2258), to report the alleged violation.

Be Vigilant! Help us preserve what remaining habitat we have.