Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle Ranch Access Policy

What follows is a new directive pertaining to access at Galileo/Silver Saddle Ranch. The news is not good, but it is also not as bad as some of the rumors have been. Please be mindful that our behavior will influence possible changes in the future – for the good or the bad. This remains private (i.e. sensitive) property – please do not try to circumvent the intent of what is being asked.

Kelli H. Levinson
Bakersfield, Ca

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Update on Silver Saddle Ranch & Club at Galileo Hill (Kern Co., CA): New Birder Access Policy

As of now and until further notice, Silver Saddle/Galileo Hill is closed to the public on weekends (Fridays from Noon on, Saturdays, Sundays, and long holiday weekends). Staff will enforce a Members Only policy on weekends. Birders who try to visit on weekends will be turned away.

Birders may continue to access the grounds on weekdays: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and before Noon on Fridays. ALL facilities except the campground (see following) are off limits every day of the week. The bungalows, hotel, restaurant, and RV park are no longer accessible to birders or any other non-member at any time.

The campground is open all week for anyone who cares to rent a space ($100/day on weekends, $45/day on weekdays).

The staff at Silver Saddle continues to welcome birders within the guidelines of this new corporate directive. If any birders choose to challenge this change in policy in any way, the grounds of one of California’s most renowned birding areas may be closed to all birders permanently.

Although the above-mentioned changes are in effect immediately, Silver Saddle/Galileo Hill may be in a position to reverse some of the changes in the future. In the meantime, please observe this current policy.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Silver Saddle Ranch & Club Staff