Carolyn Oppenheimer to Receive Conservation Award

The Mission of the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society is to promote the conservation of resources, to preserve and enhance the natural habitat within our territory, to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of bird life and the natural environment, and to create a social environment that encourages individual knowledge, development, and participation. No one has worked more consistently, effectively, and enthusiastically at helping fulfill this Mission than Carolyn Oppenheimer.

She has held numerous Board of Directors positions over the last 20+ years including two years as President. However, her most valued contributions have often come from ideas that she originated and successfully followed through on. Foremost in my mind are her contributions toward making our Centennial Celebration such a rousing success, and her most recent project—the College Conservation Committee.

Her first volunteer activity with the Chapter was as a docent for our Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Project. Now she manages SBEEP and coordinates the docents, materials and equipment, teacher training, and dozens of 4th through 6th grade classroom visits to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area every year.

Although Carolyn has engaged in hands-on environmental improvement activities (such as our annual trash cleanup of Haskell Creek), and direct lobbying of our representatives, her efforts always stress the importance of education (for our children, ourselves, and our elected representatives) as the best long term hope for a clean, healthy and diverse environment. We thank her for her efforts and are proud to present her with this year’s Conservation Award.