Oppose the Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park

Hi All,

Here is a letter describing a proposed racetrack in the Antelope Valley followed by a letter from Kris Ohlenkamp, SFVAS Conservation Chair, stating the opposition of SFVAS to the development. Contact Supervisor Michael Antonovich to make your view known.

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Dear friends and colleagues,

As you start to mark your calendars for 2010, please set aside11 AM on Saturday, February 6.

On that day, a hearing will be held in the Antelope Valley to decide the fate of the peace and tranquility of the Western Antelope Valley and its crown jewel: The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve and the adjacent Fairmont Butte archaeological site.

The Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park project is a private racetrack that is being funded by Orange County millionaires, which includes a racetrack, mechanic garages, restaurant and “full service” bar.  It is proposed for the north side of Fairmont Butte located less than 2 miles from the Poppy Reserve and includes several small archaeological sites that are part of the larger Fairmont Butte archaeological site. The negative impacts to the area are numerous. For more information about this issue, details about the hearing and other ways you can help, please refer to  http://www.sio2.com/savethepoppyreserve.

In addition, I have attached the letter submitted by the Antelope Valley Archaeological Society to the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning outlining our concerns about the project. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hearing location: Lancaster Library 601 Lancaster Blvd. I hope you can attend – politicians believe in numbers! and we need bodies to be present.

And forward this information to as many other lovers of the wild spaces of California as you can!


Dr. Darcy Lynn Wiewall
Department of Anthropology
Social and Behavioral Sciences Division
Antelope Valley College
3041 West Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93536-5426
661-722-6300 ext.6902

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From: kris ohlenkamp
Subject: Proposed Fairmont Buttes Motorsports Park
To: fifthdistrict@lacbos.org
Cc: jsackett@planning.lacounty.gov

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 6:09 PM

Dear Supervisor Antonovich / Jodie Sackett:

The Board of Directors of the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society, by unanimous vote, is opposed to changing the L.A. County General Plan to allow development of the Fairmont Buttes Motorsports Park. Changing the status of the area from Non-Urban to Major Commercial at the behest of a single non-resident benefactor is unjustified economically, undesirable to residents in the area, and indefensible from an environmental quality perspective.

Our chapter of the National Audubon Society includes this portion of the Antelope Valley in our territory and many of our more than 2000 members live in the affected area. We are deeply concerned about the possibility of poor decisions being made on a case by case basis that totally disregard all past “planning” decisions which were made with the totality of knowledge, and all County residents future good will, in mind.

Thank you for considering our opinion.

Kris Ohlenkamp, Conservation Chair SFVAS

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Thank you for your support!
Jim Hardesty
Woodland Hills