Sepulveda Dam Basin Master Plan Review Slated

Sepulveda Basin Master Planning

I encourage all to attend this community workshop on the updating of the Sepulveda Basin Master Plan on Saturday, February 20, 2010.  This is part of updating the master plan (land use plan) of the entire Sepulveda Basin for the first time in over 30 years and will be important in shaping changes to the Basin.

You may want to express support for some of the ideas that I and other members of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Areas Steering Committee are promoting or have other suggestions.  Here is a rough description of what I hope the new Master Plan will include:

The former corn maize field immediately east of Woodley Avenue and between Woodley Park and the Wildlife Reserve should become part of the Wildlife Reserve, as an enhancement and link to both Woodley Section 2 and the Wildlife Reserve; the east bank of Haskell Creek and adjoining field along the stretch from the Reserve access road (“Wildlife Way”) to Victory Boulevard should be restored as riparian habitat;  the area north of the Reserve parking to the archery range and dam wall, which is currently but unclearly defined as Wildlife Reserve, should be protected and improved as part of the Wildlife Reserve; and all water courses within Sepulveda Basin, including those now treated as drainage channels, should be managed as riparian corridors, including Hayvenhurst, Woodley and Encino Channels/Creeks.

As meetings take place, these goals will be refined and improved.

I hope you will attend and actively participate in the meeting, including writing your own comments on what you want to keep as is and what changes you hope to see.

─Muriel Kotin, SFVAS Representative to Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Areas Steering Committee