Introduction to Ornithology class offered by WFVZ

Here’s an announcement from Dr. Kuehn of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology that missed the August/September issue of the Phainopepla. Please respond directly to him if you are interested.

Introduction to Ornithology
September 27 through the week of November 15, 2010
Taught by Dr. Linnea Hall and Mr. René Corado.

An 8-week course on the diversity, ecology, evolution, and taxonomy of the birds of North America, with an emphasis on identifying the birds of southern California. One 1.5-hour lecture and one 3-hour museum or field lab weekly. Individual classes also may be taken; contact the WFVZ (805/388-9944) for more information and pricing. Whole course price:  $420 for currently enrolled college students and WFVZ Volunteers; $560 for WFVZ Members; $750 for non-members.

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