Board Nominations Announced

The Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates to serve on the Board of Directors of San Fernando Valley Audubon Society for our 2011–2012 program year.

President: Dave Weeshoff
1st VP:    Mike Van Norman
2nd VP:    Rose Leibowitz
Treasurer: Ann Ohlenkamp (continuing a 2-year term)
Corresponding Sec: Diana Keeney
Recording Sec:  Heather Medvitz
3rd Year Board: Donna Timlin (cont.) and Pam Folgert
2nd Year Board: Aurelio Albaisa (cont.) and Lynn Maddox (cont.)
1st Year Board: Mark Osokow and Mathew Tekulsky

Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor for positions not marked as continuing at the April 28 General Membership Meeting, provided such nomination receives the approval of the nominee and is supported by a written petition signed by five members of the Society. The election will be held at the May 26 meeting and installation will take place at the June 23 meeting.

The committee would like to thank all SFVAS members who have served the chapter in any capacity. We invite those of you with an interest in becoming more active in chapter activities to let us know.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Timlin, Bob Weatherman, and Chair Muriel Kotin, Nominations Committee