Alternative Boating Plan to begin August 12

The Corps of Engineers has developed an alternative proposal for a pilot recreational boating program on the Los Angeles River in the Sepulveda Basin that appears to sufficiently address the primary concerns of the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society.

The put-in and take-out points have been changed and restricted to areas that will not have any significant impact on wildlife or habitat; any necessary portaging around obstacles will be performed within the river itself – avoiding impacts to the shoreline. The program will begin on August 12 and end by September 25. There was a staff training event on July 22. We concur that these changes, this time frame, and the low impact of non-motorized boating, will have no impact on breeding birds. Corps of Engineers surveys found 63 bird species within the project area. Of those, 53 were believed to be breeding.

Public comments and involvement were instrumental in altering the original proposal to avoid or minimize disturbances to wildlife. In the process, we brought attention to this section of the LA River and the environmental organizations that have been championing its wildlife values since 1978.

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Kris Ohlenkamp