Just Sit Back and Bird! by Jeanne Kolasz

Saturday, May 9 was great weather for the “Big Sit” Birdathon event at the Sepulveda Basin.

Jeanne Polak- Recht and Linda Jones were both there to lead the event. Jeanne reports

sightings of 21 species. Eight people were there to sit on chairs or cushions or the ground to

enjoy nature and wait for birds to pop into their view.

They began with a sit at the amphitheater where they saw many Grackles and some Western

Bluebirds. Then the group moved on to the first pond where there were Canada Geese and

Red-wing Blackbirds. Allen’s Humming birds were were sighted as well as a Common

Yellowthroat. A baby squirrel was seen wandering around on the ground by itself. There were

two Red- tailed Hawks chasing each other and having a slight confrontation. And an occasional

rabbit hopped by.

The 2 hour “Big Sit” was enjoyed by all who attended!

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