Update on the Ecology Pond at Chatsworth Nature Preserve

As they left the August 6th public meeting with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP),

the SFVAS contingent and others present breathed a sigh of relief and harbored cautious optimism

regarding the future of the Ecology Pond and DWP’s commitment to preserving the wildlife habitat in

the Chatsworth Nature Preserve in perpetuity.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch Englander, District 12, welcomed the 200 or so present,

introduced Mr. Martin Adams (DWP Senior Assistant General Manager — Water) and remained

throughout the meeting to assist with questions most appropriate to his office.

The highlight of the meeting was Mr. Adams’ presentation on the history, current situation and future

options for the Ecology Pond. Highlights included DWP’s commitment to the Pond as a year-round

water source for wildlife, continuation of their activities to put water in the pond throughout the

summer, the components of a plan to secure reliable sources of sufficient water, removing the excess

sediment from the pond while preserving the ecosystem, a public website specific to the Preserve,

opportunities for public involvement, and a commitment for sufficient funding to achieve these goals.

After Mr. Adams’ presentation there was a one hour period for public questions and answers. This was

time well spent, and addressed details not included in the presentation. There remain a number of

unanswered questions and clarification needed on some items discussed.

Additional public comments and questions are solicited until August 21, after which the detail planning

phase will begin. SFVAS, along with its partners, will constantly monitor the progress of this effort and

keep our members informed.

Our kudos go to Mark Osokow for his knowledge, enthusiasm and long-term commitment to this

project. It’s been years in coming, with a few years yet to go before we will see the final results.