It’s Birdathon Time! What’s a Birdathon?

Join the annual SFVAS Birdathon as we put “fun” in fundraiser! April and May dates are scheduled for Birdathon leaders trying to improve on their last year’s count and competing with each other to see who identifies the most species. Everyone is a winner when SFVAS has the funding to continue it’s important functions.  Anyone can participate in SFVAS’s only fundraising event by pledging sponsorship to one or more of the team leaders listed on the Pledge/Contribution form.

Practice your birding skills by joining one or more Birdathon events to help maximize the species count. Birdathon leaders welcome your participation at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve on April 3rd  (Kris Ohlenkamp), Malibu Creek State Park on April 17th (Art Langdon), and O’Melveny Park on April 19th (Carolyn Oppenheimer). Birders are welcome to join Jim Moore for the Antelope Valley Big Day on April 20th, Richard Barth for the Morongo Valley Field Trip on April 24th, and Mark Osokow for a Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains birding day scheduled on either May 5th or 6th.  Look for details about these activities in the Calendar of Events.



Donate by:  sending in the enclosed envelope with the sponsor form tear it out or by donating online at  Please contribute to the Birdathon as generously as you can! Thank you for your support!

The Children’s  Birdathon, for youth and their families, will occur on May 7th.  Details about the Children’s Birdathon and a special sponsor form are included in this newsletter.  Please RSVP for the Children’s Birdathon to Paula Orlovich at

Jeanne Polak-Recht will lead the Big Sit at the Sepulveda Basin on Sunday, April 17, once again proving a good way to see birds is to sit still and let them come to you!  Join the Big Sit with your chair or cushion, hat, binoculars and snack.  

The funds raised through Birdathon enable SFVAS to host thousands of school children in the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program, support the San Fernando Valley Bird Observatory, contribute to habitat conservation efforts, and continue the SFVAS mission to increase public awareness and appreciation of wildlife and the natural environment.

CLICK HERE to see how this year’s Birdathon Event turned out, how many species were counted and how much money we raised for our free programs.