An Open Letter to Colonel Gibbs of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Col. Gibbs, 

It has come to my attention that Make Good Group has recently been soliciting their clients, friends, and supporters, from near and far, to send you letters regarding their conservation credentials.  Of course that is their right and privilege. I’m sure you  surmise that many (most?) of those who write on their behalf might well have some financial interest in doing business with Make Good Group, or are already doing so.

The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society, a 501c(3) organization, its Board, members, and  friends, have absolutely no financial interest in the outcome of AngelFest , even obliquely.  Our financial books are open for public inspection, as for any non-profit.  We survive on small individual donations and wise investments of occasional estate bequests.  We have no paid staff – we are all volunteers.  Thankfully we have no debt.  That has all been the case for 110 years.

Our singular reason for opposing AngelFest can be simply summarized as: “the wrong event at the wrong place.”  We are adamantly for the conservation and preservation of the last remaining wildlife reserve in this intensely urbanized area of the San Fernando Valley.  We wish to protect the place where wild birds (resident and migratory), can find an open, welcoming, peaceful, and productive area –even beyond the official Wildlife Reserve- for respite, nesting, raising of young, and foraging throughout the year.  And also a place for the public, young and old, from all socio-economic  groups, from all ethnic backgrounds, from our neighborhoods and schools, and from around the world, to visit and enjoy – in perpetuity.  And at no cost to them.

As you are aware, early on we asked like-minded individuals from the community to write to you, and/or to sign our petition, to express their personal views and share their experiences in the Wildlife Reserve, in their own words.  Nearly 4,500 have taken action already.  There is no possible incentive for them to do so other than their personal, public confirmation of our mission and appreciation and passion for the Wildlife Reserve.

I hope you will place a high value on their input.  It is truly genuine and heart-felt.



David A. Weeshoff

Conservation Chair

San Fernando Valley Audubon Society