SFVAudubon Conservation Voting Guide, 2016

Yes on Prop. 67

San Fernando Valley Audubon Society heartily endorses a YES vote on California’s Proposition 67, Your vote will reaffirm Californians’ desire for a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

Plastic bag manufacturers are doing everything they can to frustrate the will of the People — and we understand that. Selling hundreds of millions of plastic bags is how they make their living. But the effects of these bags on wildlife and the environment are well-documented and horrific. Many towns and cities throughout the state already have local bans…and guess what? The world has not ended! People have adjusted! Businesses and advocacy groups are giving away high-quality, durable shopping bags in order to get their logos into the public eye!

To learn more about the issues involved, please click here to see Audubon California’s eloquent appeal, and click here to read the facts presented by the YES on 67 web page. Check out what the Natural Resources Defense Council has to say, too.

No on Prop. 65

San Fernando Valley Audubon Society recommends a NO vote on California’s Proposition 65. This is a misleading, distracting proposition that seems, on the surface, to be pro-conservation. But benefits to the environment are small-to-nonexistent, and industry-crafted small print actually jeopardizes the success of  Proposition 67! Out-of-state manufacturers are trying to undermine the benefits of Prop. 67 — don’t let it happen. NO on 65!

Click here to read the SF Chronicle’s breakdown of the issue. Click here to read a comprehensive Los Angeles Times article on both Prop. 67 (YES) and Proposition 65 (NO)

Yes on Measure A

San Fernando Valley Audubon Society urges conservation-minded voters to support California Ballot Measure A. Our parks have been trying to operate under severe budgetary limitations for years, and the evidence is easy to see. This measure imposes a small parcel tax on every piece of developed property in the county — small but meaningful because Los Angeles is so large!

Click here to read Audubon California’s webpost in support of a YES vote on Measure A. Click here to read a Los Angeles Times editorial supporting a YES vote on Measure A. The Natural Resources Defense Council has something to say, too. Let’s come together to improve quality of life for all residents of Los Angeles County!

To make it easier to vote, California allows for mail-in voting, the simplest, most convenient way to cast your ballot.

You still have until Nov. 1 to apply for a mail-in ballot. Click here to order yours!