Bird Fest — What a Day!

birdfest1cropbird-fest-groupIf Bird Fest keeps growing the way it has, year-to-year, we’re going to need a bigger parking lot! We had over 1,000 visitors and the children’s area was packed from 9:00-3:00


Walks were well attended, with Scott Logan’s leading the way. Vendors fared well and there was plenty of interest at all information tables.

Here’s a list of the birds Scott’s group saw in a one-hour walk. Not bad!

bird-fest-walkcropAmerican Wigeon, Mallard, Great Blue Heron, Red-shouldered Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, California Gull, Band-tailed Pigeon, Mourning Dove, Anna’s Hummingbird, Acorn Woodpecker, Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Northern Flicker,
American Kestrel, Nanday Parakeet, Black Phoebe, Say’s Phoebe, Cassin’s Kingbird, California Scrub-Jay, American Crow, Oak Titmouse, White-breasted Nuthatch, Bewick’s Wren, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush, European Starling, Phainopepla, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Dark-eyed Junco, White-crowned Sparrow, Song Sparrow, California Towhee, Spotted Towhee, Western Meadowlark, House Finch, Lesser Goldfinch