Vote YES on Measure S!

The Board of San Fernando Valley Audubon joins the boards of Los Angeles Audubon, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and other local environmental organizations in supporting Measure S – the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. In supporting this initiative, we share the community’s concerns with the impacts that inappropriate spot zoning and lack of planning in the City of Los Angeles have had on wildlife and open space conservation.

The main bit of disinformation the “No on S” campaign has spread — or allowed to be spread — is that this is a building moratorium in Los Angeles. THIS IS NOT A BUILDING MORATORIUM IN LOS ANGELES! It is a moratorium on the practice of “spot-zoning” where politicians hand out exceptions to zoning laws so extensive that they in effect create a new “zone” for just one property. Anyone wanting to build within the zoning restrictions that existed when the property was purchased is welcome to build at any time. Measure S does nothing to limit anyone’s property rights.

The folks at “Yes On S” have a terrific website that explains the measure and the reason for their stance — a position with which SFVAS heartily agrees — in detail. Click here to read and learn!