Let’s Do Birdathon!

San Fernando Valley Audubon’s annual Birdathon is our principal means of financing SBEEP, the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program. SBEEP works with LAUSD schools to bus children into our Wildlife Preserve for an exciting, educational field trip. Our trained SBEEP guides and leaders treat the kids to a rare outdoor experience. We supply binoculars for beginner-birding, microscopes for pond-water investigation, plant-naming and just generally a terrific outdoor classroom for kids who rarely get to leave their indoor classroom.

As much as we manage to keep expenses down, SBEEP costs money. Historically, we’ve made a big dent in our budget with Birdathon, with SFVAS general funds picking up the slack.

Please go to our Birdathon page by clicking on the link below. We don’t need a few big contributions, we need a lot of small ones — they add up. Of all the things SFVAS does, SBEEP might be said to be the most important and impactful. We make it easy to pledge if you want to support one of our walks, or you can make a straight donation to Birdathon. Please be a part of it by clicking the link below.  Thank you.