They’re Trying to AngelFest Us Again!

Woodley Park. The place we fought so hard to keep a huge music festival out of — remember that? We succeeded, but now smaller events are moving into the park. They’ve been chased out of other parks and it’s time for us to chase them out of Woodley Park.

These groups use “encoded” Facebook pages to alert their fans to scheduled events. Those pages use language like, “Playdate is a monthly gathering for parents and children to come together to spread awareness of the importance of family bonding through food, art, music, community, and culture,” which we all recognize as coming straight out of the AngelFest playbook. Check this one out at… Looks so charming a friendly, right? It’s code. Check out the FB page at… Can you believe this is going on in Woodley with the Wildlife Reserve fence in the backround??

If you attend one of these events, you’ll hear super-loud amplified music, right next to the Wildlife Reserve, with performers using the F-word every other line — it’s hardly child-friendly stuff.

Please write or call your City Councilmember, the Army Corps of Engineers (213-452-3119) or Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks (818–756-8060) and let them know that these unpermitted raves are not what Woodley Park is for!