1st Annual Children’s Bird Day A Big Success!


There were three important numbers for our first Children’s Bird Day at the Sepulveda Basin on Sunday. The first was 17. That’s how many enthusiastic children attended from Mar Vista Elementary School, City Charter, New West Charter, and Kester Magnet Elementary School. The second important number is 37. That’s how many species were identified during our walk in the Wildlife Reserve. The final number is 3. Our three walk leaders did such an amazing job sighting and identifying birds. Alexander, Olivia and Justine answered endless questions and supplied interesting information such as explaining the naming of the Mourning Dove due to its’ mournful call.

Fortunately, we happened to be there when Carolyn and Mark were banding the Western Bluebirds. Carolyn allowed us to share the tiny blue egg they found with the baby birds they banded. The students were captivated by the Great Horned Owls and scurried around the base of the tree to collect owl pellets that they could bring home to dissect.

The morning ended with a recap of the species identified and a snack. All in all it was a wonderful event thanks to our Youth Leaders, teachers who came along or shared the information about the event and of course the parents who provided transportation and encouragement their children. We hope to see everyone next year!

— Paula Orlovich