Cavity Conservation Matters to Birds — and You Can Help!

The Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife Project in California ( asks for your level of interest in being added to a list of Audubon Chapters/birders and wildlife biologists who might want to be hired (or help on a volunteer basis) to take calls from tree care providers who have a bird related question at a work site, or who want someone to conduct a pre-work survey during the nesting season. 

Scenarios might include:
“If I sent you a photo of a nest in a tree, would you be able to tell me how long it will be before the birds might leave the nest, and if we can work in the tree next to the nest tree?”
“We accidentally knocked down a nest. We have the nest and birds in a box. We haven’t been able to reach anyone at wildlife rehabilitation center. Could you advise us?”
“We have a client who wants a lot of tree work done on their property right away but it’s nesting season, could you come out and help us look for nesting birds before we start the job?”

Participants need to have knowledge and experience in identifying wildlife species (primarily birds) that may occur in an area and be familiar with wildlife behavior, nesting requirements, tolerance to impacts and suitable survey methods. They also need to be familiar with bird regulations and be willing to support the project’s Best Management Practices for tree care to reduce impact on nesting birds and other wildlife (The BMPs are available under the Project Documents tab on our website and can be viewed by opening this link

Interested individuals would be sent a short survey to provide contact information, terms of availability, scope of knowledge/experience etc.

Tree Care for Birds welcomes hearing from you and thanks you for your consideration.

Program Director
Cavity Conservation Initiative