Happy SBEEP New Year!

SFVAS’s Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program is about to start a new season. Once again, we’re proud and happy to welcome groups of LAUSD children to the Wildlife Reserve for educational, exciting outdoor field trips. School budgets being what they are, SBEEP is often the only excursion students get to experience all school year.

Begun in 1993 by the National Audubon Society, the program was taken over by San Fernando Valley chapter in 1995. Upwards of 40,000 children have been escorted through the Reserve in the years since. 

Our partnership with the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains provides paid expert guides, versed in all aspects of local wildlife from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

SFVAS volunteers provide optional in-class pre-visit talks to help prepare students for what they’re going to see and study on their field trip. We also provide post-visit in-class art instruction so students can draw and color the birds and other wildlife they’ve seen and learned about.

The annual SFVAS Birdathon provides a lion’s share of the donations we rely upon to keep this program going, but it’s not enough. Please consider going to our “Support SFVAS” page and making a one-time or recurring contribution to help us make sure this invaluable education program remains available to the children of LAUSD.

Thank you.

(If you want to learn more and see more about SBEEP, click here to go to our SBEEP webpage.)