You Can Help Protect A Valuable Open Space!

Take action today by submitting your comments to the DTSC.

There are just a handful of days left to make your voice heard on the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the cleanup of the Santa Susana site.

The draft report only considers excessive cleanup options that will unnecessarily require the local community to live with decades of transportation and air quality issues, destroy critical wildlife habitat, and disturb important Native American resources. Boeing has recorded a conservation easement that ensures nearly 2,400 acres of the site are permanently preserved as undeveloped open space habitat for the benefit of wildlife and the local community.

We continue to work with state regulators to ensure that current and future site users, the surrounding community and Santa Susana’s invaluable resources are protected — before, during and after the cleanup.

Protect people. Preserve the habitat. Take action today by submitting your comments to the DTSC.


Take Action for Santa Susana