“Restoring Habitat, One Yard At A Time” — with Alan Pollack

21 years ago, Alan began as a volunteer with wildlife rescue/rehab groups. It was through them that he learned about the training given by the National Wildlife Federation and became a certified Wildlife Habitat Steward. Having been a life-long, home gardener and having a knack for landscape design, he was delighted to be able to wed two of his passions: the love of gardening and of wildlife. For the past 13 years, he has been giving free consultation and landscape designs to homeowners, churches, and schools,- anyone who wishes to create a garden that is attractive to wildlife as well as humans. 8 years ago, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society and has been leading their Audubon-at-Home Project.  He has been giving his PP slide show/lecture (entitled “Restoring Habitat, One Yard at a Time”) to various groups who are interested in the goal of restoring and preserving wildlife habitat.

The slide show/talk usually runs for about 70 minutes. The first half is a didactic discussion of the 4 basic elements necessary for wildlife to survive, plus discussion of sustainable gardening practices, including use of native plants. The second half is a virtual tour of my certified, habitat garden (or, a real tour of my garden if, as some classes and groups have done, they come to my home in Woodland Hills instead of me coming to their venue).  Questions are encouraged and I give some useful handout material. There is no fee involved.

Contact Alan at the email address below and he’ll answer all your questions!