We Stand Together

When we go out to birdwatch we bring our equipment and our knowledge, and foremost our respect for nature and our fellow birdwatchers. In recent weeks we have been made aware of the inequity experienced by our fellow enthusiasts, in the Black communities, who do not feel safe and fear encounters that quickly and easily escalate into racial profiling, as in the case of Christian Cooper as he was enjoying the Ramble in Central Park.

San Fernando Valley Audubon strives to be inclusive and thoughtful in our interactions. We need to be ever intentional in our goals to serve our diverse community of citizens. In our outreach, educational programing for students, and in our involvement with conservation issues, respectful interaction is paramount.

We stand with our fellow citizens who are not receiving the respect and justice they deserve. The Black community has been joined by the world in their protests for justice and recognition of systemic racism in our cities throughout our country.

Let us stand together in recognition of our alliance with all who honor nature.

Paula Orlovich
President, SFVAS