Back to the Drawing Board…

Only a few days ago, SFVAS was discussing the resumption of birdwalks, contacting leaders and getting pretty excited about a limited and careful return to our favorite pastime. Here at the website, we were sharpening our digi-pencil to write the welcome words in bright red at the top of the landing page: WALKS RESUMING!

Alas, it wasn’t to be for a while longer.

That said, opportunities for backyard birding, even when “backyard” means an apartment balcony or window, are still plentiful. And solo birding – with a mask and social distancing – is another option.

During this time, a couple of our younger members have provided us with video presentations, virtual birdwalks, and so far one fascinating academic presentation. All are available on the website, and in the YouTube links listed below.

SFVAS hopes we’ll all be out in the field for Fall Migration. Do your part. Wear a mask when out and about. Keep your bird-feeders full, and we’ll see you as soon as it’s possible to bird together like the Good Old Days.

Alexander deBarros virtual walk at Bronson Canyon:

Alexander deBarros virtual walk at Glendale Narrows Riverwalk:

Benny Jacobs-Schwartz presentation on Hummingbirds:

Dr. Eric Wood presentation on the importance to birds of urban street trees: