Audubon at Home

The Audubon At Home program is about homeowners creating healthy wildlife habitats in their own yards and neighborhoods. Additionally, conservative measures and sustainable gardening practices, such as planting native species, removing invasive plants, reducing or eliminating pesticide use, conserving water, and preventing erosion are encouraged.

Alan and client

The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society Committee Chair for the Audubon At Home program is Alan Pollack. If you are within reasonable driving distance of the San Fernando Valley, he is available to consult with you on how to make your yard a healthy, wildlife-friendly one. He can provide a free landscape design for you to use as a guide if you are a do-it-yourself gardener or to give to your landscape contractor.

Alan can be reached at or 818-340-2347. You can also click on for information about how to accomplish a healthy, bird-and-butterfly-attracting yard. We also have a lovely brochure put out by Audubon California that addresses Southern California backyards specifically.

Also, enjoy and learn from Alan’s many writings for our Phainopepla newsletter by clicking over to Alan’s Blog here on the website.

A natural, native landscape