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June 29, 2021

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary — Big News

Mr. & Mrs. Tucker Under the supervision of owners Benjamin and Dorothy Tucker, the 12-acre Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Orange County started life as a hummingbird-feeding waystation in 1929. As more people came to see the “hummingbird cafeteria,” Mr. and Mrs. Tucker decided to create a dedicated sanctuary. Buildings, shops and trails were added and…
September 7, 2020

After the Fire

The day I have anticipated and dreaded has occurred. A fire broke out in the basin on September 6 at about 1:00. I could see the smoke from Sherman Oaks and I knew its location before I confirmed with Marianne and Richard Davis. They had driven to the basin and watched as the fire grew…
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June 10, 2020

We Stand Together

When we go out to birdwatch we bring our equipment and our knowledge, and foremost our respect for nature and our fellow birdwatchers. In recent weeks we have been made aware of the inequity experienced by our fellow enthusiasts, in the Black communities, who do not feel safe and fear encounters that quickly and easily…
January 31, 2020

Report on the Grainger Walk

The Yucca Trail located at 2002 Stunt Road in Calabasas leads into the land that was up for sale by the Grainger Family and purchased by Mountains Restoration Trust, with the help of San Fernando Valley Audubon Society, in 2019. This purchase was important to bird species as the land will not be used for…
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January 12, 2020

Grainger Property Birdwalk — A First! Saturday Jan. 25

Our donation to the Mountains Restoration Trust has paid off. Come and see why we felt it was so important that this piece of land be set aside for nature and birds. This unique walk is open to a total of 15 participants. All photos for the signage was provided by our member Dave Barton.…