Birdability, with Freya MacGregor

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

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Freya McGregor

(Graphic by Kate Lorenzini) Birdability is small, but has enormous outreach and impact in the US and the world. Freya McGregor is its Coordinator and Occupational Therapist.  Birdability focuses on removing barriers to access for birders with mobility challenges, blindness or low vision, intellectual or developmental disabilities (including autism), mental illness, being Deaf or Hard of Hearing and other health concerns.

Freya has been birding since she was old enough to be told where to look by her birder parents back in Australia. Her professional background is in blindness and low vision services. She is passionate about enabling current and future birders to enjoy being out in nature as much as she does. She volunteers for Birdability as a means to make that a reality.

Photo: Melanie Furr, Georgia Audubon

Please attend our Zoom meeting. Freya’s presentation will include ideas on how to be more inclusive and welcoming of birders who experience accessibility challenges, and what we can do to help improve inclusivity and accessibility in the birding community and the outdoors. She will share with us the challenges and successes of Birdability. This information will help guide our chapter – and all birders — toward the more inclusive, welcoming policies and practices we aspire to.

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Things you can do to help Birdability: Add Birdability Reviews of accessible birding locations to the Birdability Map; encourage your Audubon chapter or bird club to hold regular, accessible bird outings; follow @the.ot.birder on Instagram; join in the conversation in our Facebook group and share about Birdability to your circles! Thanks!